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Flight Instruction Warren Airport (3M9)

Hangar One

 Email: rstrac@gmail.com

Thank you for your inquiry about Advantage Flight Training and Services, LLC.  Advantage is locally owned and operated at the Warren Municipal Airport (3M9) .  We offer flight training for students pilots, private pilots, and specialized training for: instrument rating, pilot/air traffic control communications, ADS-B, digital cockpit (Garmin, Aspen), rusty pilot course, and flight reviews.  Additional services include aircraft appraisal, aircraft sales, and  aviation consulting services for your personal and business needs.

The Private Pilot Course is based on 60 total flight hours.  The minimum time required for the Private Pilot License (PPL) is 40 hours.  Each flight lesson runs approximately 1 hour and most students prefer to pay for each lesson as they complete it.

Hourly rates:

PA28-180 (Cherokee) $125.00/hour,  Aircraft Rate

Instructor $55.00/hour Private, Instrument (Dual Instruction)

Ground Instruction $55.00/hour

Owner’s Aircraft  Flight/Ground Instruction  $60.00/hour

Please note prices are subject to change without notice. 

Thank you again for your interest in Advantage and we look forward to helping you with your aviation needs.

Rick Stracner, CFII SMEL

Advantage Flight Training and Services, LLC